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Bi-directional Charging

Bi-directoion is the smart grid of the future, use of the car as a large battery to power your home during the peak and getting paid to smooth out the grid by providing power and taking it paying you the peak rates and suppling you the electricity at cheap rates.

What supply do you have at home, Single 7Kw or 3 phase 22Kw – if 3 phase this will give you the option to have a faster charger should you wish.

Bi-diectional charging – use your car as a battery to power your home at peak rate times and change your tariff to a lower rate that can charge your battery in the car

Teathered or Untethered – personal preference, teathered means the cable is connected permanently. Untethered means the cable is removable. In both instance most chargers now have pin code locks so you do not need to worry that some one else will come up and plug in while you are away stealing your electricity. So the option of control is yours

Lastly the app or not:”  How do you want to control the charger? Do you want an app that you can use your car battery as a power source for peak tariff times or when to charge and a what rate? This is where the experts come into their own to help you through these lifestyle choices.

And as if choosing the right make and model wasn’t difficult enough, you’ll then have to make decisions on where to site the charger itself. Thankfully, the specialists at Kind Energy provide all the advice that you’ll need. We have an in-depth knowledge of the market, the products, the manufacturers and the logistics of where your charger needs to be. With our help, you can make an informed choice that’s tailored specifically to your needs.

Even if you live close to a public charging point, nothing quite matches the convenience of having a charger on your property. Your car can be parked exactly where you want it to be, such as in a garage, on the driveway, under a carport or right outside the house, safely recharging itself while you relax indoors. Joining the EV revolution has surely never been easier than it is right now.


Power output. 13amp, 7kw,or 22kw

With so many excellent EV chargers on the market, choosing the right one for your specific situation is crucial. For many people, a 7kW charger will be more than enough, especially if you travel a relatively short distance each day, such as on the commute to work and back again. If you’re likely to need faster charging on a regular basis, a 22kW option might be more practical. As a rule, however, the 7kW is the more suitable choice.

Teathered or Unteathered.

Which charger you select is just one of many questions that the average motorist is likely to have in the coming years. Electric vehicles are here to stay, and they will continue to have a greater and greater impact on the way we all get from A to B. The peace of mind that comes from knowing you can make the right choices at this crucial moment in time can be yours, simply by getting in touch with the team at Kind Energy.

If you’re making the switch to an EV, you’ll want to know it’s ready and waiting for you to use every single morning, and that you have no concerns about the charge that it has received. That’s why a home charger is such an important investment. To find out more, call the team today on 0330 818 8813 or write to us at We hope you’ll contact us soon.


Available Funding

There are a number of options available to allow you to spread the costs of any changes you to make. We will help you not only put in place the funding but also work out the payback period to ensure your changes are having a positive impact on your household.

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Grant Advice

Depending on which part of the UK you are in there are different grant options available for different green energy solutions. We will work with you to identify all the funding options available to make your Kind Energy choices as cost effectives as possible.

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