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It isn’t always easy to fund an investment into cleaner energy for the home, even if we all know it’s the right thing to do. Every project on the house or perhaps the business premises needs to be thought through carefully, and here at Kind Energy we know all about the importance of considered budgeting. Thankfully, wherever you are in the UK, there will almost certainly be financial help available to you.

And our specialists will be on hand to advise you of any grants and funding that you may be eligible for. You don’t have to have a strong understanding of current legislation, because our team of trusted experts can take you through the whole process.

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Our simple tool allows you to estimate a cost saving. Our engineers will then calculate your optimum heating solution and subsequent cost savings.

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Over the years, we’ve helped many home and business owners to make their properties far more energy-efficient, and a significant proportion of them came to us without knowing that funding was available. In many cases, we have helped them save thousands of pounds on their investment, and we can do the same for you. If you’re keen to take the nest step, we’d love to hear from you.

Far too many people are reluctant to apply for grants or funding, purely because they find the whole process too complex and too intimidating. If you feel the same way, why not engage the services of specialists who know all there is to know about funding options in your area? This is your chance to reap the maximum benefit for the minimum effort, so be sure to do so.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a heat pump, a charger for your electric vehicle or solar panels for your roof, there could be funding options available to you. These can reduce your outlay in a major way, and they can be achieved with crucial input from the Kind Energy team. From funding through to design and on to installation and servicing, we’ll be with you to provide the very best service.


Investing in cleaner, greener options comes at a cost, of course, so it makes sense to have expert guidance from professionals that you can trust. Here at Kind Energy, we’ve built a reputation for transparent honesty in all our dealings, so you know you can rely on us. We’ve seen too many instances of home and business owners being let down by others, but that will never happen with us.

We’ve been keen to do all we can to transform the world around us, one property at a time. The race to net zero is hugely important, especially at this time, and that’s why we’re so keen to help our customers to change the way they heat their homes and power their cars. If you’re looking to join us in our mission, all you have to do is call 0330 818 8813 or write to us at We hope you’ll make contact soon.

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