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The race towards reaching net zero by the year 2050 has been gaining in pace in recent years, but of course there’s still a long way to go. One of the key factors in this will be changing the way we heat our homes, because carbon emissions from the use of fossil fuels have been so damaging in the past. Thankfully, there are far greener alternatives which are highly efficient as well as highly affordable.

Air source heat pumps are a low-carbon option for both home and business owners, and as a result they are increasing in popularity now. They work by absorbing heat from the outside and converting it for use within the property, providing both warmth for all your rooms and hot water, too. They’re extremely practical, and can absorb external heat even on very cold days.

Making the switch from your traditional boiler to an air source heat pump can drastically reduce your carbon emissions and will reduce your energy bills along the way as well. The change from one system to another will inevitably involve a degree of upheaval but overall, it won’t be too time-consuming or problematic. So, the next step is deciding whether your property is suitable to take the plunge.

Most properties will be suitable for a heat pump installation, but not all. Some older buildings may be listed, for example, and as such regulations might not allow for such work. If the exterior space is somewhat limited, there may not be room for the appliance, and in shared properties such as blocks of flats, it might be difficult obtaining the agreement of every tenant to make the switch.

If your property is suitable, however, it makes sense to strongly consider the many benefits of an air source heat pump. If a relative lack of understanding about these appliances is holding you back, why not call on the advice and guidance of experienced specialists? Here at Kind Energy, we’ve been helping people just like you to make the change, and to help the environment and their finances along the way.

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We can take you through every stage, clearly explaining the plus and minus points to you. We’ll help you make the right decisions about which model to choose, where to site it, how best to operate it and so much more. The team at Kind Energy has all the answers you’re looking for, so you know from the very start that you’re in safe hands. The input we provide will be crucial for a smooth, beneficial process, leaving you with an exceptional heating source that’s so much better for you, and for the world around us.

As with all burgeoning technologies, understanding what’s best for your particular situation isn’t always easy. Making the wrong choices at this time could prove to be more than problematic in both the short and long terms, so it’s the sensible choice to have knowledgeable experts right beside you. Kind Energy is on a mission to reduce the carbon footprint of both domestic homes and commercial premises, and we’d like to take you along, too. We have built a reputation for honesty and reliability, and as a family firm offering a complete end-to-end service, we know we’re perfectly placed to help you. To find out more, simply call today on 0330 818 8813 or drop us a line at We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Available Funding

There are a number of options available to allow you to spread the costs of any changes you to make. We will help you not only put in place the funding but also work out the payback period to ensure your changes are having a positive impact on your household.

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Grant Advice

Depending on which part of the UK you are in there are different grant options available for different green energy solutions. We will work with you to identify all the funding options available to make your Kind Energy choices as cost effectives as possible.

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