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Photovoltaic (PV) panels have become an increasingly common sight in recent years, and thanks to the benefits they offer they’re likely to become even more prevalent in the near future. Whether you live in a tiny hamlet or in a large city, these highly impressive panels could prove to be your springboard to a home that’s kinder to the environment than ever before.

About PV Panels

Most PV panel systems comprise a number of separate but connected panels, each of them drawing on the resources of daylight. Harnessing an energy source that’s completely renewable surely has to be the future of our domestic and commercial energy needs. If you’re thinking about the purchase and installation of a solar-powered heat pump for your property, your choice of panels will be key.

While panel configurations may differ from one property to another, in most cases a good-sized roof area would offer the best scenario. The ideal option is a south-facing roof that doesn’t get too much in the way of shade, but this isn’t an absolute must-have. The actual amount of energy generated may be reduced if your roof faces a different direction, however.

Here at Kind Energy, we can advise you on the suitability of your property for all types of heat pumps, including those that combine an air source pump with a system of PV panels. The ability to generate heating and hot water for the home without relying on fossil fuels is extremely popular these days, but for many home and business owners there are simply too many questions that need to be answered first.

Thankfully, our team of friendly, knowledgeable experts can take you through the whole process. We can assess the needs and suitability of your property, for example, and determine which type of system would be most appropriate. We have an in-depth understanding of the market, and this enables us to guide you through the various manufacturers and the products they offer.

As is the case with many such issues, knowing what’s best for you isn’t always easy to decide on your own. Having honest and reliable guidance as and when you need it is a must, so be sure to contact the Kind Energy team before you decide on your next step. We all need to be doing what we can in the drive towards net zero, and that’s one of the reasons why heat pumps have become such a popular choice around the world.

Here at Kind Energy, we’re on a mission to help home and business owners towards a greener, more affordable energy source. We’re a trusted family business based in Scotland, and we offer a first-class end-to-end service that takes you through every stage of this rewarding, environmentally-friendly process. To come with us on the journey, all it takes is a phone call to 0330 818 8813 or an email to We hope that you’ll get in touch very soon.

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Latest in Technology

The very latest technology is ready and waiting to transform your property, and to help you become part of the green revolution. And to make it happen, all you need is a conversation with the team at Kind Energy.


Available Funding

There are a number of options available to allow you to spread the costs of any changes you to make. We will help you not only put in place the funding but also work out the payback period to ensure your changes are having a positive impact on your household.

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Grant Advice

Depending on which part of the UK you are in there are different grant options available for different green energy solutions. We will work with you to identify all the funding options available to make your Kind Energy choices as cost effectives as possible.

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