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Five roads that can take the UK to net zero

We’ve all seen stories in the printed and broadcast media that have been stressing the importance of reaching net zero in the near future. It’s all too apparent just how crucial this subject is at the moment, and that everyone will need to play a part in one way or another. Net zero, to put it simply, will mean that the emissions our nation produces will be at least equal to the emissions we remove.

The UK has committed to the year 2050 as a net zero target, as have many other countries, including France, Denmark, Spain and Japan. Some have set an earlier target, while a smaller number have already attained that figure. These include Gabon, Guyana and Madagascar. For the UK, net zero remains a distant but reachable target. Here are five initiatives that can help us get there.

Moving away from petrol and diesel

The way we get from A to B has been environmentally damaging for many decades, whether we’re flying away on holiday or driving to the local supermarket. There are a number of planet-friendly alternatives now, and they are becoming more and more practical for all of us. They include electric and hydrogen cars, buses and lorries, as well as sustainable airline fuel. The bad old days of relentlessly harming the planet and its resources are finally coming to an end.

Heat pumps for homes and businesses

There’s little doubt about the need to change the way we heat our homes. Traditionally, gas-fired heating systems have been extremely harmful to the environment, so it’s easy to see why ground source, air source and solar heat pumps have increased in popularity. Harnessing renewable energy sources for our homes and business locations are becoming a must-have for many, and why shouldn’t they? Daylight, warmth in the soil and the wind are all free of charge, after all.

Taking fewer journeys

This may seem like a minor issue, but if we all travel less the overall difference to the environment can be huge. Walking to the shops instead of driving, using the bus instead of the car, working from home and, for commercial organisations, arranging more efficient delivery schedules can all contribute. Taking the train rather than flying to a destination is also a major help.

Adjusting the thermostat

Another seemingly innocuous act can have a far-reaching benefit if we all did the same. If you have a heat pump for your home, you’ll have already made a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint, and by reducing your heating requirements you can do even more. Thankfully, the latest home heating technology is extremely responsive when changing the thermostat by a degree or two.

Improve your recycling methods

Millions of people and thousands of companies are already recycling on a regular basis. Materials such as cardboard, glass, plastic, paper and metal can all be used again, but did you know many other specific items can be added to that list? These include printer ink cartridges, batteries, domestic appliances, clothing, oil, acids and hazardous chemicals. They really don’t need to be placed in a landfill bin. Just ask at your local waste and recycling centre for more information.

When it comes to a heat pump installation, you need to have specialist advice and guidance from acknowledged experts. Here at Kind Energy, we can talk you through all the options open to you, clearly explaining the plus and minus points of each of them. A ground source, air source or solar-powered heat pump represents a significant investment, of course, but it also represents a strong commitment to improving the environment. To find out more, call the Kind Energy team today on 0330 818 8813 or you can send us an email at A greener future awaits, and we’ll be with you all the way.

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