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How does an air source heat pump work?

A growing number of both domestic and commercial properties are benefiting from the installation of an air source heat pump these days, and there are many good reasons why you should be considering them as well. They work in an exceedingly clever way, providing excellent levels of heat and drastically reducing the property’s carbon emissions along the way.

But how do they actually work?

As a rule, air source heat pumps operate by absorbing heat from the outside air, which is of course a fully renewable and sustainable source. This heat is absorbed as a fluid, and even if you live in a cold region the pumps will still work well. The fluid is passed through a heat exchanger which then turns it into hot water, which can then be used for your radiators and underfloor heating systems.

There are many important advantages that an air source heat pump installation can bring, in addition to the benefits to the environment. Some or all of unit itself is usually attached to the outside of the property and remains unobtrusive, it’s very quiet and in many cases it can end up saving you money on your energy bills.

For the consumer, there are a number of decisions that will need to be made. One is the choice between a monobloc or split system. The former has all the relevant components in a single unit on the outside of the property, while a split system has some in the exterior and some in the interior. Without specialist advice, many home and business owners aren’t always sure about which option is more relevant to their property, but with invaluable guidance from the team at Kind Energy you’ll be able to make the right decisions from the start.

A number of other factors need to be taken into consideration, too. They include the price, of course, especially in regard to your overall budget. Whether your property is suitable is also important; if you have a small outside space, or if your building is listed, for example, it may be that an air source heat pump won’t be an option at all.

All the advice and guidance you’ll ever need

The Kind Energy team has a comprehensive knowledge of the various heat pumps that are available on the market, how much they will cost, how well they operate and which ones would be best suited to your needs. Our experience has placed us in the perfect position to offer a practical, honest and reliable guiding hand, leaving you to make informed choices with the strongest confidence.

In recent years, heat pumps have been greatly improved, thanks in part to better compressors, coil designs, fans and motors. They represent a golden opportunity to revolutionise the way we heat our buildings, and will undoubtedly play a major role in the race towards global net zero. Heat pumps are becoming ever more prevalent in the UK and right across the world, and it’s so easy to see why.

As a home or business owner, you may have been thinking for some time about trying to reduce your carbon footprint. If you are keen to find out more about air source, ground source and solar-powered heat pumps and how they can benefit you, the team at Kind Energy can help. We offer first-class advice on all aspects of the subject, including whether or not they are suitable for your property. To find out more, all it takes is a single phone call to 0330 818 8813 or email to A new future is waiting, so we hope you’ll get in touch very soon.

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