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Traditional gas boilers have been harming the environment for many, many years, so making the switch to a far more sustainable alternative has become increasingly important. Thankfully, you can transform your property without having to spend a fortune, and there are financial incentives available right now to keep your spending to a minimum.

In Wales, the Warm Homes Nest scheme offers a range of help packages to home owners, which can be used to bring heat pumps and solar panels well within your financial reach. But how best to go about obtaining that help?

Finding out how much you could be entitled to can be complex, and the answers will depend on a number of factors. Here at Kind Energy, we have a team of dedicated specialists who can furnish you with all the relevant information you need prior to saying yes to an installation. If you’re in any way concerned about what you need to know, you can rest assured that you’re in the hands of the experts.

As well as helping the environment, you could be saving money on your energy bills from now on. We all need to watch what we spend these days, so it’s reassuring to know you can make genuine savings AND make the most of financial incentives from the relevant authorities. To make it a reality, start the process via a friendly, no obligation chat with Kind Energy.

For homeowners in Wales, this is the perfect times to consider greener energy solutions, and Kind Energy can be with you from the start. As well as guiding you through the funding options available, we can help you to decide on the best appliances for your property. We’ll arrange installation and we can even provide a superb maintenance and servicing programme to keep everything working perfectly.

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Heat pumps and solar panels are becoming ever more popular in both homes and business locations these days, and with the right advice and guidance you can also become part of the green revolution. And if you’re not sure about anything, our team can provide all the answers. Kind Energy has the knowledge, the experience and the determination to make sure you get the very best options to match your needs.

Over the years, we have come across far too many people who made wrong decisions after being given bad advice. Kind Energy is committed to clearing the confusion that you might be feeling, and to helping you on the path towards cleaner, greener heating for your property. To find out more about the options that are available, all you need to do is get in touch with our team. We are available right now to talk to you on 0330 818 8813, or if you prefer you can write to us at We look forward to chatting with you soon.

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